The company COBRA TRANSPORT devotes a part of its profits to the sponsorship of various activities, and to the support of youths and children.

We support the Team of Young Firefighters from Lubná (Družstvo mladých hasičů), which is achieving better and better results, including in competitions and exhibitions and is also an excellent display of enthusiastic people. We are glad that the logo of our company is connected directly with them.

Our company's logo can also be seen on the uniform of the Team of Young Floorballers from Lubná. Their performance is improving continually and we try to support them in many ways, not only from the stands.

In 2006, we began to support the young, active and promising speedway rider Jaromír Otruba from Svitavy. By contributing to this sport we try to support ambitious young people who are interested in this kind of sport, and at the same time to bring it closer to the general public. We will be happy if the logo of our company accompanies Otruba on his road to success.

We are always very pleased with greeting cards and pictures from children attending the Special School in Litomyšl. We try to offer a helping hand there as well and thus to fulfill their dreams and wishes and to contribute to the operation of their school.

The twinkling eyes of the youngest children from the kindergarten in Lubná are the best reward for our contributions to the operation and development of the environment where they play.

We also contribute to individual activities, e.g. balls, various tournaments and Children's Days.

All the money spent this way has a purpose and we believe that it is the right one. 


12. 10. 2019

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