You may store your goods in our temperature-controlled warehouse with an area about 500 m2, height of 5 m, and concrete floor, located in Polička. The warehouse is electronically secured.

The premises are entirely fenced off and closed. Your goods are insured by the Allianz insurance company against natural disasters and theft for the entire storage period. We use forklifts, manual pallet trucks, and hydraulic platform for handling.

Our warehouse staff are trained and responsible people. They will take proper care of your goods.

We provide transport of your goods to our warehouse and subsequent distribution by suitable vehicles by volume and weight.

We will gladly arrange storage of your goods in our warehouse.

Contact us. 

Warehouse manager: 

Dušan Kočí
mobil: +420 606 709 928 


09. 22. 2019

Exchange rates

1 EUR = 25,910 CZK
1 USD = 23,490 CZK
1 GBP = 29,368 CZK


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