The primary line of business of COBRA TRANSPORT, s.r.o. is international and domestic transport.

We provide complete transport package services for your goods. We arrange the same quality and professional care for the export and import of a couple dozen kilograms as for 26 tonnes. We specialise in European Union countries, but Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey are not excluded.

We offer comprehensive transport solutions in domestic transport.

At present we have the following fleet available: 

  • tarpaulin sets of 120 m3
  • tarpaulin sets of 120 m3 with a double floor up to 76 EWP
  • tarpaulin sets of 85 m3
  • tarpaulin trailers of 90 m3
  • cooler trailers
  • tarpaulin vehicles of 27 m3 to 47 m3
  • van vehicles

You may find detailed specifications of these vehicles in the section titled About Us / Gallery.

The purchase of the vehicles was a result of the needs and requirements of our clients, which are definitely not final, and our company is ready to respond to the ever changing demand.

All the vehicles have an insurance policy for transported loads with Allianz, a.s., which provides strong guarantees for our customers and us. The policy covers damages up to the total of CZK 10,000,000 per shipment. In the event of a higher value we, obviously increase the insured amount accordingly.

Communication between drivers and dispatching is based on mobile phones. Continuous information on the movement of the shipment to the customer is a matter of course.

Contact us, we will be happy to offer the most convenient transport solution for your inquiry.

Managing clerk: 

Pavel Drábek
Phone: +420 461 616 064
mobil: +420 602 25 40 25

Petr Lidmila
Phone: +420 461 616 065
mobil: +420 606 745 942
Jan Gřonka
Phone: +420 461 632 840
mobil: +420 702 150 777



02. 21. 2020

Exchange rates

1 EUR = 25,035 CZK
1 USD = 23,205 CZK
1 GBP = 29,857 CZK


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